Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Getting drunk and purchasing a questionable tattoo is something of a time honored tradition. Usually, you wake up with a terrible hangover and a great deal of remorse the next morning. Just the other day, a man in his seventies asked me about removing a tattoo he got in his 20s after an end of season footy trip to Kings Cross. To the surprise of absolutely no one, there was alcohol involved. In fact, this is so common that they were able to turn the scenario into the TV program Tattoo Nightmares.

If this unfortunate situation describes you, there are options available. Some people opt to keep their regrettable tattoo as a reminder to never repeat the mistakes that led to it. Others cover it up with a quality tattoo featuring a design selected by a sober mind. Finally, you can have the tattoo professionally removed.

Regrettable tattoos are nothing new, but technology has made them easier to get than ever before. A simple Google search for “tattoo machines for sale” yields countless tattoo machines that sell for less than $20! This increased availability has changed the regrettable tattoo equation from a visit to a tattoo studio (where the technician is likely to do a good job even if you end up with a regrettable design) to a visit to your friend’s house.

Does your friend have any experience in the art of tattooing? Probably not, so there is every possibility for the resulting tattoo to look like a toddler drew it. Do they take the necessary precautions to avoid medical complications such as infections and injury? Probably not, forcing you to take much more of a complications risk than you ever would at a professional parlor. Honestly, if you allow a drunken friend to tattoo you in the middle of the night and end up with only an ugly tattoo, you should celebrate it as a victory. It could have been far worse.

That said, your ugly tattoo probably isn’t just the wrong fit for you but an abomination inked into your flesh. If you need a visual for just how bad an amateur tattoo can look, check out our recent Facebook post about a British man who woke up with a pair of Ray Bans on his face after attending a stag party with his buddies. You can’t help but feel bad for the guy.

Thankfully, the amateur nature of these horrible tattoos makes them easier to remove than professionally applied ones. Amateurs usually do not use as much ink or penetrate as deeply into the flesh as a pro would, allowing the albatross to be removed with fewer laser treatments than would have otherwise been required. Please contact us for a free, individualized consultation on how many treatments will be required to eliminate your tattoo. We can provide an accurate estimate after just one look in most cases, giving you a realistic sense of how the tattoo removal process will play out.

Some amateur machines out there advertise claims such as “amazing long lasting artwork for years to come,” but the reality could not be more different. Cheap machines and untrained operators produce poor artwork with nowhere near the staying power of quality machines in the hands of a professional. If you want a quality tattoo, visit a trained tattoo artist (there are plenty of great ones in the Geelong area alone). If you got an inferior tattoo from an amateur, call us today to have it removed. It’s as simple as that.