At CleanSkin’s the aim is to give your skin a sense of relief from what may have once been a nice piece of ink, but now, when you look at it, it no longer speaks for who you are, below the skin.

That’s mostly applicable to those who have thought it through thoroughly before getting inked, some people head out for a night on the town, and wake up with a badly done tattoo!

Lets face it though, for the most part,
tatt’s are meant to tell a story, right?

Utilizing the absolute latest laser tattoo removal technology, we are completely committed to offering a 5 star service to everybody in need of clean skin TLC.One of the most beautiful parts of having a top quality medical grade Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal Machine, is that it’s also proficient with various other skin enriching capabilities.

Other CleanSkin services to give you clean beautifully nourished skin include:
-Skin Rejuvenation, resurfacing the skin to help regenerate by stimulating collagen beds, giving you fresh, more youthful looking skin.
-Carbon Peel Laser Facial, DESCRIPTION
-Skin Tightening, DESCRIPTION

Enjoy being in a groovy judgement free zone, where you can safely have any ink laser removed from your skin. If it wasn’t for the uniqueness of every single person, we’d no doubt be saying “We’ve already seen it all”, But this is not the case. Luckily the tattoo removal side of what we do is almost always the same, so no matter what your reason for why you’ve decided to remove your ink, the tattoo removal process remains almost identical.

Our team is passionate about great healthy skin, and whilst our main focus is removing tattoo’s, the team can also offer you great advice on foods, diets and products that will help give you great skin too! This just helps us to fully live up to our name, CleanSkin’s.

Here’s the point where you decide if we’re cool enough, and you’d like to have us look after your tattoo removal treatment, so here’s your options: